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More than 6,250,000 car accidents occur each year. Half of these accidents result in bodily injury, which represents about 2% of the total U.S. population on an annual basis. Because liability insurance is mandatory by law in most states, almost all of these incidents are subject to insurance claims. Following an accident, most people resolve insurance claims without an attorney. Alternatively, in the comparatively few cases in which a personal injury lawyer represents an injured party, over 90% settle before trial based on the mutual agreement and consent of all parties involved. As a result, resolution of claims is virtually assured, while the terms of resolution remain highly negotiable and may, or may not, represent a fair settlement value.

Should You Find A Lawyer?

In the simplest cases, inconsequential damages are rarely disputed. As the value of damage increases, conflicting opinions and interpretations of law grow exponentially, creating a stark contrast between perceived "fairness" in the eyes of each party. Virtually all insurance adjusters are licensed professionals who receive extensive training. Adjusters investigate, question, negotiate, and settle claims daily. Their jobs depend on producing profitable settlements in record time. Two types of claimants do well without a lawyer: those with inconsequential damages, and those who are familiar with the claim process, negotiating ploys used by adjusters, and how to determine a true settlement value. All other claimants - car accidents, workers compensation, to traumatic brain injury - should find a lawyer who offers free initial consultations to discuss the range of options available.

Obligations Of A Personal Injury Attorney

Anyone considering a personal injury attorney must understand available benefits and obligations of legal representation. During the days or weeks before settling, clients retain great flexibility to either influence, enhance or diminish net personal injury recoveries. Also be aware that insurance and legal practices today vary widely. At a minimum, each personal injury attorney owes each client a duty of full disclosure for all legal questions asked. To a large extent, clients determine the amount of the final recovery of personal injury damages based upon questions chosen while interviewing and managing their attorney. Asking proper questions - profitable questions - is an easily learnable skill.

Make Your Lawyer Search Profitable

Whether managing a personal injury attorney or settling a claim yourself, familiarity with settlement practices is essential to produce favorable results. With a minimum of preparation, most claimants can increase their net recovery of damages significantly. As claim value grows, opportunities quickly reach stunning heights for anyone willing to become involved in the settlement process. Timing counts. Many choices must be made. Based on informed decisions, each small effort pays handsome dividends for anyone willing to excel resolving a personal injury claim.