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Using credit cards for payment of damages and expenses in personal injury claims:

Following debilitating injuries, many victims experience difficulty paying routine living expenses, medical expenses, and the cost for legal representation. Personal injury lawyers routinely provide contingent fee arrangements which do not require payment for attorney fees or costs until a successful recovery. Further, many personal injury lawyers also provide a "letter of protection" for medical expenses which acts as a guarantee of payment to doctors and hospitals from the proceeds of a claim. Nevertheless, while disabled and not receiving a regular income, loans for living expenses may not be available from commercial lenders without a co-guarantor. State law remains divided when allowing or prohibiting personal injury lawyers to advance living expenses to clients, which may or may not allow your personal injury lawyer to cosign loans and credit card applications. Should you experience difficulty qualifying for new credit for living expenses, we hope you find the financial resources listed below helpful. All sites submissions are reviewed for reasonable quality and relevancy to personal injury lawyers, claims and litigation issues commonly encountered by plaintiffs.

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All claims and parties are unique. A personal injury lawyer must understand the factual issues surrounding each claim and the desire of each client, before rendering competent legal advice. This website is intended to provide general information only regarding the claim resolution process. This website is not intended as legal advice. All legal questions should be directed to qualified legal counsel. Likewise, no representation, express or implied, is made regarding the content or opinions contained within any resource/third party websites appearing herein.

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With the prevalence of credit card offers, even for bad-credit and no-credit borrowers, many plaintiffs with pending personal injury lawsuits delay cash payment of monthly expenses by relying on revolving credit. Be careful, liability is absolutely, regardless of recovery on the claim, whereas lawsuit loans are repaid only if the claim is successful.